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From the home offices of: Barry Joyce & Robert Corrigan
Re: Your own successful online business

Are You Struggling To Make Ends Meet? Too Much Month At The End Of The Money? Looking For A Low Cost Easy To Run Business You Can Get Started With In Minutes?

Let me start by asking you a question. Have you ever thought of starting your own business?

Now I'm guessing that you may have thought it was too complicated or that you may have been put off doing it by some well-meaning advice from naysayers and Jeremiah's you know the sort, those know everything about everything.

If you have, you are in good company, because that is exactly what happened to me.

Right from the start my Dad gave me some good advice, get a job with a pension, in 50 years you will be glad you did.

So at 16 I started working in the local factory and I hated every minute of it. I had worked for myself cleaning cars when I was at school but when I got a real job I stopped doing it. BIG mistake, I rather liked working for myself.

Every waking hour was spent dreaming of how I could escape from that soulless existence cleaning cars wasn't the answer I had only really worked at weekends. That thinking of how to escape was deeply ingrained in me, there must be a better way.

Then wonderful “opportunities” started flooding my inbox (and still do to this day). My brain started to work overtime. I quite liked the idea of running these great high profit no work businesses after all if other people were doing it why not me?

So I “invested in these business opportunities” some of these business opportunities, some cost me hundreds of dollars, there were many kinds but mostly MLM (Multi Level Marketing) schemes, others were expensive franchises or flat out did not work.

Some People Made Money From Them But I Was Not One Of Them.

I tried almost every get rich scheme that came along and spent thousands of dollars that I could not afford in the quest to get away from that factory and my sole destroying day to day existence in that job. 

Does This Sound Familiar?

I couldn't see the wood for the trees and there were always the experts willing to give advice, plenty of them down at my local bars ready to dole out their sage wisdom for hours on end.

Or This?

"Now is not the right time to start a business." "NOW is always the right time to start a business."

"You may lose money."  "I may make money."

"Its too complicated you will need permission, for this that and the other." "The only permission needed is your own permission to succeed."

"It will never work!" "How do you know, have you ever tried it?” The usual answer was always no.

You see I listened to the "words of wisdom" for far too long instead of listening to myself.

Finally I decided to give it a go, so I tried these”big and expensive opportunities”

Surely if others could do it then so could I. I decided to go my own way and not listen to the "expert" advice so I went for it.

Did It Work? In a Word NO!

I was back a square quite a rather poorer and still listening to all the “told you so’s.” 

I knew that producing my own range of products was likely to bring in more money but I didn't have the time to do that nor did. Neither did I have the thousands of dollars needed to get myself a mentor with a proven record of success. I had already spent thousands, I just wanted something that would work.

So I turned away from these “big opportunities.” and started to look for other means of making money.

I took a scattergun approach in the hope that something might work, I started selling Horoscopes and I made exactly nothing... In fact after the costs of the software and the advertising I made a substantial loss.

I started to sell physical goods online such as  SIM cards just at the time when the price bottomed, I barely made my money back. I then had a go at clothing, lifestyle products, vitamins, skin care dieting products.

Did I Make Any Money!

Well, yes and no, the problem was the costs. To try a newline of products typically cost me a hundred dollars or more minimum buy in. So hundreds more dollars to pay out to try and find something that was a big success.

I was reasonably successful with some products but still massively losing money on trying new lines and I had boxes of products I could not sell or was selling at a loss just to get some money back. I was still haemorrhaging cash right left and centre. Also I had to keep buying stock to replace the stock that sold.

There Seemed No Way Out...

I was years into trying to make money and was poorer than when I started. I was starting to believe the bar room know it alls had got it right. Maybe it was time to give up before my car was repossessed. 

Then I Had A Eureka Moment!

The reason I was not successful was simple... I still had the mindset from the big opportunity ads. I felt I had to smash it out of the park each and every time. Wrong thinking, wrong mindset!

There were literally thousands of people making great money online, not thousands and thousands a month but hundreds and even a few thousand dollars per month.

So I started to research some of these niches, the ones that you can make a start in for just a few dollars, ones where I was limiting the financial risk, ones where I wasn't spending hundreds of dollars on stock.

Then I discovered a niche that worked, the volume of sales where phenomenal. Warily I started small, limiting the risk but it worked! So I added a few more products which cost me just a few dollars. They worked too!

I was quickly in profit, not a massive profit, but then I had spent less than $10 on “stock.”

So I bought some more products in, It worked like a dream with only the occasional dud which after all is part of the learning experience.  The more I looked into this the more opportunities I found.

I was like a kid at Christmas, I didn't want to blink incase it all went away. Blink I did and it was still there!

So, What Exactly Was This Turning Point?

I discovered the huge demand for Resell Rights Products, hot selling products for which you can buy a licence to sell with just the loose change in your pocket.  And which you can Resell for years.

Oh and by the way you can also get some of these products completely FREE…

And I sell these in one of the worlds biggest shop windows, one where people come to buy and not to browse.

The best part of this business model is that there are literally thousands of these products available for you to market and profit from. And you can test these out on a shoestring budget AND some are absolutely FREE!!!

And that you could start by working less than one hour per day with a system that works year on year, still interested? If you answered YES to any of those questions the Resell Rights Empire 2.0 is for you!

       What If  We Told You I Could Show You The Methods That We Used To Achieve An Additional Income Of Hundreds Of Dollars A Month, How Big A Slice Of This Pie Would You Want?

Introducing... Resell Rights Empire 2.0!

Inside An eBay Top Rated Seller WILL Reveal... The EXACT Step By Step Blueprint He Used To Build A Profitable Online Business Trading On eBay, Amazon And Beyond. with Easy To Obtain Products That Cost Just A Dew Dollars Each.

Just Look At The Range Of Products Available!

Audio content.
Video courses.
eBook Collections.
Training courses.
Ebook collections.

And Thats Just Scratching The Surface!

In Resell Rights Empire 2.0. We Have Put Our Entire Resell Rights Expertise Into This Home Discovery Program, Based On Years Of Experience Selling Online, Nothing Has Been Left Out.

Inside, We blow the barn doors off this lucrative business by showing you exactly how you too can build your own Resell Rights business from EXACTLY the same blueprint that we have used to build own own business selling Resell Rights Products. Simply follow the Step by Step blueprint.

So How Well Does It Work? Take A Look At Some Of Our Results.

    Inside we give you the complete blueprint to this simple to operate business.  A comprehensive series of watch over the shoulder videos that will take you through from newbie to online business owner one step at a time with NOTHING left out. 

We Show You Exactly How To Source Great Selling Products Just Like These!

And These!

Or These!

No Big Learning Curve! We Have Made This As Simple As 1,2,3...

The Resell Rights Empire 2.0 Also Includes: 

Access to our exclusive protected private members-only website.

Full training on building your own Resell Rights Business by an eBay Top Rated Seller.

Exclusive Content to help you get started in double quick time.

Access to our dedicated help desk team of experts and professionals who have years of experience and knowledge.

Get started within minutes.

Plus There are Some Exclusive Bonuses! To Help You Get You Up And Running Faster Usain Bolt…

Bonus #1

A starter pack of Resell Rights Products that you can have for sale today. Each come with a minimum of Resell Rights.

Product Graphics For Illustration Purposes Only

Bonus #2

A pack of five Done For You software products. The products come with.

All product and listing graphics included as well as the graphics hosted for you.

All description prewritten and the listing code supplied.
follow the video and have these up for sale within minutes.

Bonus #3

30 Over the shoulder advance video Tutorials showing how to use Photoshop and Gimp to improve your listings. Use these programs to make your eBay and Amazon listings look awesome!

Bonus #4

Access to our members only Facebook group

Hey Rob & Barry This Looks Great But I Still Have Some Questions

Help! I am a complete eBay newbie how do I start?

Don’t worry the course is completely newbie friendly. The videos will take you by the hand and show you how to build your business one step at a time.

Is it really true that I can start building this business for just a few dollars?

Yes it is! Resell Rights products are very inexpensive and some are even FREE. To give you a flying start we show you exactly where to get them and even give you a pack  of products to get you started.

Do I get the full system to building a RR business when I buy, or is there something else I need to purchase to get this to work as I have seen with so many other products?

With Resell Rights Empire 2.0 you get the full system with nothing left out. You will have absolutely everything you need to start building your RR empire right out of the gate. You will want to add to your product portfolio these will only cost you a few dollars and we show you exactly where you can obtain your product from.

How big a market is there for RR products online?

The market is massive, not only on eBay but also beyond. Most buyers are not aware that the products they are looking at are RR products.

How much can I make from this system?

Well that’s almost like asking how long is a piece of string… There are traders on eBay who are making a full time wage from this, but it will depend on taking action on a consistent basis to build your business. The only certainty is if you take no action, you will not make any money..

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